The Timeless Eclectic

My “Wearever Ecology Collection” was inspired by African Tribes Jewelry. The beads are made in African Villages out of recycled painted glass and old vinyl record albums.

To give it a more contemporary look I implemented different accent elements. This style works beyond casual, the bright colors and  motifs offer a perfect option for any occasion, they create a unique look to complement your ensemble.

This TrèsChic Collection will be displayed at “The Main Gallery” in Redwood City for the 2011 Holiday Show.







Shine On – Preview more Jewelry – Collection Fall/Winter 2011

TrèsChic Fashion Jewelry“Best of the Season” … the Art the Mix – dressing up or down flattering and unique Jewelry pieces for everyday or night !

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The Ladies at HollyHill Urban Style to the rescue – just bought this wonderful versatile tunic/dress from “MADO et les Autres”   –  A great “basic” wardrobe addition to dress up or down and be trendy and chic.  I just love this Line !

To indulge in ever changing new  exiting fashion trends, one of a kind Fashion Jewelry enhances various types of looks and can be used to express ones individual style.  find it at: HollyHill Urban Style in San Carlos 


New York – From Uptown to Downtown it’s all about Accessories

After spending a week in New York City I am back home – inspired, full of new ideas and energy.

It’s a well-known fact Fashion Jewelry is the important Accessory for every look and is one of the best ways to keep your wardrobe fresh and chic.

The “little black dress” goes a long way: dressed down with a simple Chain or Pearl Necklace and you look professional for a day at the office. After work, put on a pair of high heels, add some more layers of long chains adorned with crystals and you are ready for drinks or dinner.

Getting ready for a Cocktailparty or a night out on the town, glam it up with a Statement Necklace “big and bold” but still feminine – it makes you stand out in a crowd.

seen in: 

source: Jewelry Trends Winter 2011 -

You might find the right piece of statement Jewelry in my new TrèsChic Collection.


Fall Preview – Bold Expressions – Necklaces that do all the Talking and more……..


TrèsChic Fashion Jewelry “Bold, new infusions with striking metal Accents, dramatic details and miles of chains.”

As a designer I am always inspired to try new things and “look outside the box”. My love for clean lines is easy recognized; fussy and ornate is just not for me. My creations are rather focused on the aesthetic power of form, from sleek and geometric to bold industrial, using an array of gemstones, metals and rather unusual recycled materials. My Fall Collection incorporates all that, is timeless yet trendy and even provocative.

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