Redwood City – The Main Gallery

Summer Celebration – 12th annual all gallery show  at The Main Gallery
“Nude Beach” on view August 8th through September 9th. 

The Gallery is located at 1018 Main Street in Redwood City and will host a reception with the artists, serving drinks and hors d’oeuvres on Saturday, August 11th, from 6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m..

Nude Beach means different things to different people and the main galleries artists have translated their view of the theme into their own unique visual format.  Here is a sampling of what to expect;

Susan Wolf, Nina Koepcke, and Doris Fischer-Colbrie, three of the galleries ceramic artists, focused on different aspects of the theme. Wolf states, “I have made a footed platter with a nude beach on it. It is nude because of the naked little people lying on it, and because it is unglazed, for the most part.” While Koepcke decided to focus on the beach part of the title she made two shore birds that frequent Ocean Beach in San Francisco: Brandt’s Cormorant and the California Gull. “ I also made a small wall piece of dog tracks in the sand by printing my Lab retriever’s paws in the wet clay.” States Koepcke. Doris Fischer-Colbrie takes an interesting twist to the theme by making pieces that have no glaze and are fired in a pit on the beach, she considers the pieces to be “nude” and reach their final state on the beach—in effect they are born on the beach!  Colbrie has also made vase forms with a pattern suggesting the rippled sand just beneath the water at an ocean beach, the idea being that the beach itself is nude.

“My reaction to the “Nude Beach” theme was to view the show title within the context of environmental degradation. “Nude Beach” became land that has been denuded of living things.” painter Terrie Moore states.  Moore’s piece contrasts the lushness of the natural world with a grey, industrial landscape with the beaches being river beaches that flow into the ocean.

Elizabeth Noerdlinger has been interested in beach scenes for a number of years and has focused on the sky, water and sand in her paintings. She states, “For this show I decided to stay with the purity of the basic elements that comprise a beach. There are no people in my paintings. I think of them as “denuded” of the impurity people tend to bring to a beach!” 

The beach scenes that Katinka Hartmetz painted are mounted in vintage window frames. “No naked bathers!” she states. “But don’t be surprised if you find a polka-dot bikini hanging on a peg somewhere in the gallery!”

Don’t miss this unique and thought provoking show at The Main Gallery in Redwood City!

Fashion and Art

The Fashion World of Jean Paul Gaultier: From the Sidewalk to the Catwalk

at the San Francisco de Young Museum HERBST EXHIBITION GALLERIES

Love Fashion, appreciate Art …. this amazing Exhibition left me speechless – a hard thing to do ! In my opinion once is not enough to take it all in. This dynamic, multimedia exhibition
can still be seen until August 19, 2012 ! I will definitely visit again.

Sneak Peek:

The Main Gallery – current exhibition !

Our Reception went really well. Attendance was amazing – I like to send out my thanks to everyone for their support.

Just 3 weeks left to view the “Extravaganza – La Luna” exhibit at The Main Gallery.
All artists at this co-op gallery offer unique and beautiful art – see for yourself !

Meet the Artist’s

Just a gentle reminder upcoming Exhibition July 4th – August 5th, 2012
“Extravaganza – La Luna” at The Main Gallery.
Meet the Artists: Reception July 7th, from 6pm to 8pm

Tony Williams and myself have been working hard and challenging ourselfs for this show and we are very exited to present our newest work and creations.

TresChic Show Preview:
“Extravaganza Collection” – Crochet with metall wire, fuzzy silk, crystals
“Contemporary Tribal Collection” – African Trade beads, wood, glass
“Avant Garde Collection” – re-purposed and up-cycled materials
“Signature Collection” – Safety pins, glass
“Summer Pebbles Collection” – Italian glass, silver

Meet your local Artist

The Main Gallery, Redwood City – Upcoming Event

“Extravaganza – La Luna” Exhibit and Reception: Please mark your calendar !
I would love to see you at the reception or during the ongoing exhibit in July.
It is always fun to stop by have a cup of coffe at “Alana’s”, enjoy some
beautiful Art at the Gallery and have a chat with the artist.

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Palo Alto – Fashion Event

Eve: “Lust for Couture” Countdown !
Shop till you drop, get a spa treatment, and have lunch! This 4 day event features the work of today’s best new and established fashion and jewelry designers from the Bay Area and beyond. Don’t miss the opportunity to meet the designers, pamper yourself, and enjoy a fashion show and have lunch al fresco.

See you there !

Champagne Reception
Sneak Preview Sale
Catered Hors D’oeuvres
Vip Gift Bags to First 100 Visitors
Free Valet Parking
FRIDAY | MAY 18 | 10AM-5PM
 Chef Chu’s
Manicures by Body Kneads Salon
Peet’s Coffee
Alterations by Elaine’s of Palo Alto
Gift Basket Raffles
Valet Parking
 Fashion Show | 12-1PM & 2-3PM
Facials & Massages by Orchid Bloom Spa
Peet’s Coffee
Gift Basket Raffles
Alterations by Elaine’s of Palo Alto
SUNDAY | MAY 20 | 10AM-5PM
 Facials & Hair Styling by Juut SalonSpa
Organic Lunch by Lyfe Kitchen
Gift Basket Giveaways
Coffee by Ground Up

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Silicon Valley Open Studios – Review

This years Open Studios Event, with glorious weather and spectacular art, proved again to be very well appreciated.  I am looking forward to our Fall Open Studios !

Thank you to everyone who stopped by for a visit !

Turquoise – “Gemstone of the People”

In many cultures of the Old and New Worlds, Turquoise has been esteemed for thousands of years as a holy stone, a bringer of good fortune or a talisman. It really does have the right to be called a “gemstone of the people”.

Turquoise Jewelry in either a contemporary or traditional setting is always in style and accentuates  an eclectic, natural look. Be sure you have a piece of Turquoise Jewelry in your Collection it’s a must have this season.

Creations by Elfi Altendorfer -

How to care for Turquoise Jewelry:

Being a phosphate mineral, Turquoise is inherently fragile and sensitive to solvents; perfume and other cosmetics will attack the finish and may alter the colour of turquoise gems, as will skin oils, as will most commercial jewelry cleaning fluids. Prolonged exposure to direct sunlight may also discolor or dehydrate turquoise. Care should therefore be taken when wearing such jewels: cosmetics, including sunscreen and hair spray, should be applied before putting on turquoise jewelry, and they should not be worn to a beach or other sun-bathed environment. After use, turquoise should be gently cleaned with a soft cloth to avoid a build up of residue, and should be stored in its own container to avoid scratching by harder gems. Turquoise can also be adversely affected if stored in an airtight container.



Events – May Preview

May is going to be a great month – more destinations to find creative, unique items for yourself or just the one extra thing you have been looking for to mark someones special day; there is something for everyone to enjoy. And of course I will be there to showcase my new  TrèsChic Jewelry Collection.

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Style Watch

Fashion and Jewelry Trends :  2012 is all about sustainability, recycled, raw pieces that will range from classic to exotic and of course the color blue specially when it comes to fashion and jewelry; turquoise tones, navy, aqua, azure, in general blue will definitely be the color of the year. In addition to blue, greens and purples be complementary colors, while yellows will give a contrast and the beige, khaki and lavender tones will soften the year. The trick is to always have few pieces that are in season but always opt for variety when in comes to color and jewelry.
One of the must have jewelry  items that will complete your wardrobe is a Choker Necklace.

On a personal note: it’s all about how things are put together, regardless of materials

Always in style and trendsetting and accessorized with her favorite ©TrèsChic Necklace and Bracelet



©TrèsChic Ecology Collection: "Sky" Chocker Necklace and cuff Bracelets.