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Fashion and Jewelry Trends :  2012 is all about sustainability, recycled, raw pieces that will range from classic to exotic and of course the color blue specially when it comes to fashion and jewelry; turquoise tones, navy, aqua, azure, in general blue will definitely be the color of the year. In addition to blue, greens and purples be complementary colors, while yellows will give a contrast and the beige, khaki and lavender tones will soften the year. The trick is to always have few pieces that are in season but always opt for variety when in comes to color and jewelry.
One of the must have jewelry  items that will complete your wardrobe is a Choker Necklace.

On a personal note: it’s all about how things are put together, regardless of materials

Always in style and trendsetting and accessorized with her favorite ©TrèsChic Necklace and Bracelet



©TrèsChic Ecology Collection: "Sky" Chocker Necklace and cuff Bracelets.