Made to last……

Wearable Art and Design in Everyday Life !

TrèsChic jewelry and CaroSilk scarfs mash very well together; designed to transcend trend and be worn beyond the seasons; which means stylish durability that adjust to every trend.
I have been a fan of accessorizing with scarfs as long as I can think and I am always amazed how layering with jewelry and scarfs or shawls can change the look into something unique and trendy.
Give it a try: play – be creative and fashion forward without buying a new wardrobe.


Season of Giving

Reflections:  Holiday Open House – Fine Arts Sale

What a lovely event it has been – just the right setting to start the “Season of Giving”.

Many thanks to Carolina Mueller for opening her house and for all her work. Thanks also to the participating artists and their contribution to make make this event a success, which made it possible, to donate a nice amount to the Art’s Program at Lincoln Elementary School, Cupertino.

Participating Artists:

Elfi Altendorfer

Charlene Celio

Hildy Charboneau

Julia Cline

Christine Harkins

Carolina Mueller

Jeanne Wardrip