Open Studio Redwood City

Almost Summer and I am ready for “Open Studio” I will have my new designs on display and my participating artist friends will also have wonderful work for you to look at.  You may discover the one thing you just have to have.

Stop by – meet the Artists and see our original work in a relaxed indoor/outdoor setting;  enjoy a glass of wine some hors d’oeuvres and just have a good time.

 About the Artists:

Jewelry Artist Elfi Altendorfera.k.a TresChic Fashion Jewelry with trendsetting yet timeless creations – the perfect acessories to fit any style.

Photographer Beth Mostovoy, a.k.a. Honey Bear Prints, travels the world in search of images that “reveal the extra-ordinary in the ordinary moments that color our lives.”

Woody Miller – Children’s book artist and painter of fine whimsically delicious art.  Visit

Nancy Woods – wood designs: “I create my art simply to give the viewer joy. No deep meaning, just a touch of whimsy or a stimulation of thought to a time when things were not so serious”.  Read more about Nancy Woods.

Jen Norton Painting – “My artwork celebrates home and everyday moments because I believe it is through honoring and serving family that we learn to create a better world.”  Want to know more visit Jen Norton Art Studio.

I am looking forward to a fun weekend and it seems the weather gods are with us. Love to chat with some of my readers and I am hoping for some feedback.


“Climate Crisis – An Artistic Response”

Redwood City, CA @ The Main Gallery

Climate Crisis:  An Artistic Response opens Wednesday May 29th and runs through Sunday, June 30th.  This exhibit showcases eight of The Main Gallery artists; Joyce Converse, Jeanne Gadol, Katinka Hartmetz, Diana Herring, Terri Wilson Moore, Elizabeth Noerdlinger, David Schuffas, and Arena Shawn. An intelligent, creative conversation is posed between artist and viewer regarding climate change. This show raises questions and sparks contemplation about the future of the planet. Through irony, humor, comparison, rhythm and more, the depth of the show is sure to ignite a reaction from viewers.

Opening Reception with the artists 
Saturday June 1st, from 6:00 to 8:00 p.m.

Here is a sampling of the creative style and artistic observations presented for you at
The Main Gallery’s Climate Crisis exhibit:
“Too much to lose” is the focus for Joyce Converse  in The Main Gallery’s current Climate Crisis exhibit. Converse explains how her house rests on a ridge with 360O views.  A recent visit to her 20 acres property by the US Dept of Agriculture estimates that due to Converse’s care and choice of native tree and shrub plantings, as many as 70 different species of native birds are suspected to live on her land. Converse describes her oil paintings as projecting deep passion, inspiration, and understanding for landscape’s “spirit, beauty and habitat, especially the local Santa Cruz mountain landscape.” 

The digital art of Jeanne Gadol focuses on birds and animals. The images of these creatures, combined with geometric forms and repeated in patterns, suggest extinction and loss, the need for hope and balance, and the uncertainty and burden associated with climate change. Gadol explains that her art’s aesthetic rhythm, form and pattern are a “visual merging of the rugged Northern California landscape and wildlife, with images absorbed while on three life changing Africa safaris.”

Using an old window, a birdcage, a table, and a library card file, multimedia artist Katinka Hartmetz uses altered photographs and paintings in combination to express nostalgia. Hartmetz asks, “Does anyone remember what the old days were like?” Her images of stormy sea give a sense that something perilous may be waiting the future of humankind.

The prints by Diana Herring use humor to show how current human behavior is leading to a potentially deadly situation. In “The Road Ends,” a happy little girl and a skeleton are in an old jalopy, running off the road’s edge. In “Carbon Footprint,” a man’s face is being swept over by a wave as a foot looms over his head. Herring states that she “came to the conclusion that climate change is the result of entropy (lack of order or predictability; gradual decline into disorder). She further describes climate change as the “accumulation and population of human waste and activity. Such as the burning of fossil fuels, deforestation, and overpopulation of our earth.”

Painter, Terri Wilson Moore combines detailed graphite drawings, layers of paint, acrylic gels, and elements of collage onto panels to illustrate the unchecked growth of bark beetles (that are destroying pine forests) and human destruction that’s gradually eliminating the rain forest. In her pieces Moore includes text from UN reports on climate change, and incorporates red threads throughout to underscore a sense of unraveling, suggesting things coming apart that can lead to serious consequences. Moore asks, As the evidence of harm keeps accumulating, why don’t we respond in a way that matches the threat?”

For this exhibit, oil painter Elizabeth Noerdlinger focuses on animals and plants that will benefit in a warmer, higher carbon dioxide environment. Incorporating information from laboratory reports, and her own observations of thriving animals in her local environment, she paints collage-like scenes of predicted survivors; of animals and plants that seems likely to thrive in a disturbed, higher CO2 environment.

Photographer, David Scouffas employs photomontage for his elegant digital prints that illustrate the theme of cause and effect. His images of rich, luxurious lifestyles juxtaposed with environmental disasters are clear, yet startling, inviting the viewer to look again and think about what they are seeing.

Come view The Main Gallery’s artists’ ominous insight into the climate change, and join the conversation through creative works of art that will inform, alert, sadden, energize and urge you to react. The Main Gallery, an artists’ cooperative with some 22 members, showcases the work of some of the best local talent in the Bay Area.
The Gallery is located at 1018 Main Street at the corner of Main and Middlefield in the historic yellow Victorian Cottage in Redwood City.
The Main Gallery is open Wednesday through Sunday from 10:00 am to 3:00 pm.  For more information, please visit our website at or call The Main Gallery at (650) 701-1018.

Spring Fashion and more…

Interested in Fashion and more and love to read blog’s have a look at this one !
My friend Rachel Blogger/Fashionista/Model and Actress has a great sense for style, what’s in and what’s out and a big supporter of my work.

Fashion xenophile….



Artist Reception – Thank you for coming

Big Thank you to all who joined the opening reception for the annual show “Mainly Clay” at the The Main Gallery in Redwood City. The evening was great fun and the displayed
Art-pieces are fabulous !

I am also grateful for the loyal support of my work from my friends.

Beyond my work as a Jewelry-Artist, I encourage you to keep on learning about our local arts and supporting local artists. A great way to do that is to simply show up to art events! There are great organizations, such as “Art on the Square” and  “Arts RWC”  whose mission is to help in the development and promotion of our local arts. Mainly these organizations are non-profits that depend on the work of committed volunteers to get it going.

Here are some pictures of the reception. Enjoy!

If you missed the opening, the show is on display until May 26/2013

Redwood City: Main Gallery Reception this weekend !

Looking  for something cool and artsy to do this weekend…of course you are!  And this is just perfect…read on!

The Main Gallery announces New Show & Reception!

“Mainly Clay 2013”, an annual group exhibit showcasing six three-dimensional artists from The Main Gallery, opened Wednesday April 24th.
You are invited to “Meet the Artists” at the Opening Reception for “Mainly Clay” this Saturday, April 27 form 5pm to 7pm.

Enjoy a delightful evening surrounded by beautiful art. Hors d’oeuvres and drinks will be served.

The Main Gallery an artists cooperative, showcases the work of some of the best local talents in the Bay Area. Featured in this show will be Jeweler Elfi Altendorfer, Ceramics artist Doris Fischer, Ceramicist Susan Wolf, Clay Artist Nina Koepcke, Fiber Artist Andrea Rosenman and Clay Artist Viki Wilkerson.

Don’t miss seeing “Mainly Clay”, a sampling of some of the Peninsula’s best three-dimensional art at The Main Gallery. “Mainly Clay” is on view until May 26th.  

The Gallery is located at 1018 Main Street at the corner of Main and Middlefield in the historic yellow Victorian Cottage in Redwood City.  For more information, please visit or call The Main Gallery at (650) 701-1018.

Gallery hours: Wednesday to Sunday 10am to 3pm.

Spring Awakening

Back from my travels and very inspired and full of creative energy.
My new spring/summer collection is a work in progress and features many different and compelling styles, colors  and materials influenced by the new trends in fashion.

“…….The introductions of plastics and candy, pastel and fluorescent materials will make the 2013 years so yummy. On a more classic note 2013 is also marked by the return of the vintage victorian look, geometric shapes and well as a focus of the natural and tribal look of a variety of cultures….”

Sneak peak of some pieces in the Collection:

Stay tuned for more to come !


Fashion – Shopping – Spotlight

Have you discovered this wonderful Boutique in San Carlos yet ?

Holly Hill Urban Style is celebrating it’s first year this Saturday.  I like to share my shopping experiences and impressions with you:
Not only do the “Holly Hill Ladies” wear the clothing they sell, they are extremely friendly and very fashion savvy.
Holly Hill offers alternatives to the typical tired world of fashion – Holly Hill Urban Style is designed for “gal’s” who seek comfortable, sophisticated and ageless clothing,  yet appealingly noticeable with a lot of fashion thrown in.
One can also find the most unique acessories like Jewelry, scarfs and bags.
I adore their layered pieces with mixed textures that are easily adaptable, amplifying wearing opportunities and making easy transitions from day to night and from season to season.
Clothing Lines include Sympli, Mado, Dzehval, Anac, Comfy, Sun Kim, Tulip, Effie’s Heart, Eva Varro, Nally&Millie, Equestrian and much more.

All around an enjoyable shopping experience  Holly Hill Urban Style has become my favorite boutique; check it out yourself !


Trends Fall 2012

Fall’s new mood – Revamp your look – more to mix and match !

Runway Coverage: I’ve gathered a few 2012 Fall  trends I really liked.
Spotted at Milan’s and New York’s Fashion shows: Chic color blocking, whimsical printed dresses, sleek coats and cool pants. Colors range from warm camel and grey tones to winter white which seemed to be very popular all across. The new breakout color in new York was Oxblood Red and it looks like burgundy is the new black.

My personal favorite this season again AKRIS by Albert Kriemler and well worth to take a closer look.

Some of the shown pieces in Just Cavalli are also really fun and make a splash in your wardrobe.

Very cool and minimalistic Coats in the Max Mara Collection

Jewelry: Spring 2012 was all about bright and flashy jewelry, however Fall 2012 jewelry  will be more nature based-using natural materials such as wood and shells.  Thus one of fall 2012’s biggest jewelry trends, incorporates earth colors, neutral tones, emerald, jade and turquoise.

Jewelry – Max Mara Weekend Collection

Tribal designs are still making  a statement on the runway for Fall 2012; burnished gold and silver plated jewelry with tribal designs in shades of dark reds, blues, greens, and browns are in.

My new Fall 2012 TrèsChic “Avant Garde” and “Ecology” Collection was inspired by these trends.

Handbags: The use of  Echo-friendly materials like felt, fabric, vegan-lether is on-going.
Most designers have some pieces in sustainable materials in their handbag collection.
Mauro Bianucci’s CARGA Bag Collection

I absolutely love this sustainable, beautiful stylish bags by Schwesterlein Design
If you want to find more about style’s and Trends got to Women’s Wear Daily !




ARTS RWC: Last Art on the Square tonight

Redwood City

Get ready for a really good time because….

The Fourth of Four Fabulous ART on the Square shows:
tonightAugust 24th (with Music on the Square) from 5 – 8:30 PM.

Sadly, this is the last show of 2012, so you will want to be there!

Read more ARTS RWC